Nantz Landscapes offers a full line of services. Over the years we have grown to a point where we are big enough to have all the equipment and specialists needed to serve all your landscape needs, but we will remain small enough to keep our relationships personal and always friendly.

Installation: We are serious about landscape installation. Our people are well-trained and understand that plating is more that just digging a hole. We do things right the first time and then back it up with a solid guarantee.
Maintenance: Mowing will be done every 7 days unless other arrangements are specified. When possible, grass clippings will be returned to the turf; when necessary, excess clippings will be caught and removed from site. All borders in lawn area will be trimmed with a line trimmer at the time of each mowing. The driveway, walk and patio or deck will be blown off.
Tree Shrub and Lawn Care : Based on a survey of the ornamental trees and shrubs on your property, the key plants and potential pests are identified and a program formulated to monitor and treat the pests that are most likely to harm your plants. The timing and number of visits recommended for the season is tailored to meet the needs of your plants.
Irrigation : Automatic irrigation systems lawns, shrub and flower beds have become a common landscape feature in our area. Our trained professionals will activate and adjust your system in the spring, monitor the system throughout the summer and winterize the system in the late fall. We will also handle new installation.